a film by Christina Benz 
text and voice: Judith Keller 
music: Nicole Johänntgen 
Animation, 4K, 4'10", 2019, german, english
In the beginning was the letter. Only one letter, to be precise. The letter G, as the ancient Kabbalists say. Only this made the birth of God possible, and therefore, the creation of the universe. But what happens if the universe wants to grow bigger and bigger, enslaved quite literally by megalomania? Will the secret be revealed today?
Note: the film is currently shown on Playsuisse (Swiss streaming plattform). Here is an excerpt:

Trailer 'G', english

Producer: THE BAND GmbH, Marco Leisi 
in Co-Production with: SRF Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen, Gabriela Bloch 
Concept: Shifting Sands, Christina Benz 
Directed & Animated by: Christina Benz
Text & Voice: Gion Mathias Cavelty
Music: Fatima Dunn
Sound Design, Foleys, Mix: Christof Steinmann, Magnetix Tonstudio AG
Editing, Compositing: Christine Rüfenacht / Christina Benz
Language Adaption: Anna van Ommen 
Conceptual Consulting: Nicole Mayer, Sabine Gysi
Technical Consulting: Stephan Riederer, Richard Grell
With special thanks to Lauro Mäder, Ruth Stofer, Irene Grillo, Maja Davé, Riikka Tauriainen
Supported by: Zürcher Filmstiftung, SRF SRG SSR, Bundesamt für Kultur, Aargauer Kuratorium
© 2019 THE BAND GmbH & Christina Benz
ISAN 0000-0005-6F82-0000-D-0000-0000-Z

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