a film by Christina Benz 
text and voice: Patric Marino (Die Astronauten) 
music: Oli Kuster (Die Astronauten) 
Animation, 4K, 4'18", 2019, swiss german, subtitles german, subtitles english
Sunday, Fulesee. Two people go diving in a lake. They understand each other without a word, everything seems ok. But the dive leads them not only to fish and into darkness, it also reaches into the depths of their souls. At 30 metres below the surface, fears and stories for which they cannot find any signs in diving language suddenly rise up.
Note: the film is currently being submitted to film festivals and can therefore not be shown online. Here is an excerpt:

Trailer 'Fulesee', english subtitles

'Fulesee Insights'

Producer: THE BAND GmbH, Marco Leisi 
in Co-Production with: SRF Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen, Gabriela Bloch 
Concept: Shifting Sands, Christina Benz 
Directed & Animated by: Christina Benz
Text & Voice: Patric Marino, Die Astronauten
Music: Oli Kuster, Die Astronauten
Sound Design, Foleys, Mix: Christof Steinmann, Magnetix Tonstudio AG
Editing, Compositing: Christine Rüfenacht / Christina Benz
Language Adaption: Anna van Ommen 
Conceptual Consulting: Nicole Mayer, Sabine Gysi
Technical Consulting: Stephan Riederer, Richard Grell
With special thanks to Andrea Veronesi, Ruth Stofer, Irene Grillo, Maja Davé, Riikka Tauriainen 
Supported by:
© 2019 THE BAND GmbH & Christina Benz
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